"Mama, milk milk~" is what my son, Lucian, always says to me in a sweet and cute tone when he‘d like to have his milk and this is how the name came about. ❤ Hearing that absolutely melts my heart and would want to give him everything in the world. 

I started Mama, milk milk for all you amazing mamas out there to help boost your breast milk supply. I hope you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on enjoying precious moments bonding with your darling little ones. 


Tried and tested yummy lactation bakes

As a clueless first-time mum, I faced many difficulties during my breastfeeding journey and insufficient breast milk was one of them.

I started researching and tried ways to increase my supply. One of the ways was to consume lactation cookies and brownies. However, I found it hard to find the “perfect cookie” for me. I like crunchy cookies that are not too dense. Also, I often get sick of a flavor too fast as I’m someone who likes varieties! Therefore, I started to bake my own lactation goods so I can customize whatever flavors I wanted. 

I ate the cookies diligently every day and finally, I managed to boost my breast milk from 700ml to 1400ml! Of course, there were other factors such as sticking to a regular pumping schedule. 


Eggless products, made with high-quality ingredients

Lucian had eczema and eventually we found it was triggered by food allergies. His skin would get red and bumpy and it broke my heart whenever he scratched himself till he bled. As proteins of the food transfers to my breast milk, I avoided foods that he was allergic to. Eventually, his eczema showed great improvement! I understand how stressful it is to read every food label so I want to create delicious lactation products that leave out common allergens such as eggs.

Breastfeeding mummies who suspect/have a confirmed diagnosis that their babies are allergic to eggs will still be able to consume our cookies and granola! Your breast milk is what you eat, so I've packed loads of super foods and best ingredients to boost your breast milk supply in the form of convenient little baked goods.

High-quality ingredients are of absolute importance to me. Nothing goes into any of my baked products that I wouldn't eat myself because I expect the best! I firmly believe that your milk is liquid gold – ANY amount you give is absolutely worth the effort.